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Regular Checkup

Pets Deserve to be Healthy and Amazing

“What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.”

I’ve always love the old-time sayings of days gone by.  We read these quips, and try to ponder and connect with the ancient wisdom it contains – trying to find the nugget of truth hidden in a phrase.

The goose quip brings us to today’s “truth nugget” for both man and beast:  our physical health and vitality is a function of good food, good exercise, and meaningful, routine exams.  This is especially true for our little pets who cannot explain their aches and pains.  It’s too easy for a small problem to grow into a BIG PROBLEM.  Although we don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

New Pet Visit

Pella Pets Veterinary team always welcomes new furry friends and looks forward to growing with you and your pet.

First puppy or kitten visits include a thorough exam, initial vaccinations and discussion of when and what is needed regarding vaccinations, diet, care and training.

We offer new puppy/kitten kits, goodies and lots of TLC.

Senior Pet Care

A pet’s physical condition and health change over time. The aging process varies with species, breed, size and lifestyle, but on average your pet enters the senior years around age seven. Early intervention leads to a lifetime of good health.

Pella Pets Veterinary team specializes in senior care. We work closely with you to help your family friend and companion live longer by developing a senior health-maintenance schedule.

Dog Wash

The Clean Dog gets more Hugs

As you may know the Pella Pets Veterinary mission during the 2020 decade is to bring a little paradise to Pella.  To this great end, we have begun the journey of joy, by drawing a hard line in the sand.  We stand proud and defiant with our visional goal for Pella: no more stinky dogs.  To facilitate this grand goal, we have purchased a fantastic new dog wash!  We are open for business, and we can proudly stand together, winning each day, one delightfully fresh and clean pooch at a time.

In-House Lab

With our modern laboratory equipment, we can provide immediate and thorough health screening results about what’s going on inside your pet. The results offer invaluable information concerning the current health status of your pet as well as a baseline for comparison for future years.

Our laboratory equipment includes the latest in IDEXX blood work machines, radiology and automatic processor, Cardell multi-parameter patient monitor, isoflourane anesthesia and other support machines.


Canine boarding & daycare is now provided by Black Oak Boarding.

Feline boarding is on-site at Pella Pets. Pick-Up and Drop-Off times are during business hours.

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